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the government using that taxing power to target individual americans based on their exercise of first amendment rights, that really is the utmost seriousness in terms of the threat that that represents to constitutional government. i received a letter from one of my constituents a couple of weeks back, carol mcmanus, and she is a leader in a conservative group in northeast florida and they're basically dedicated toward educating about constitutional government, individual freedom, the rule of law, traditional american principles, you'd think that would be something that we would be applaud -- applauding, especially in this day and age. well, they had to go through this situation with the i.r.s. they submitted an application and they waited for a month, three months, six months, a year. it took 18 months for the i.r.s. to respond to their inquiry. when the i.r.s. responded, did they approve the group as would be a matter of course particularly for groups that were recognized as representing a liberal perspective? no. they were given a list of very intrusive questions about the operation of their
trust so they would not be used in marketing. she really took over fast. a quick study. theest she could play off idea of and for taking notes. this was an history with document itself defensively as you. there was a daily dialer -- diary. there were also lyndon johnson phone things. this hates. there was also a television crew that followed and documented. is this new to the administration? had this been going on for a allowing collects the of documentation was new. she did not report everything. some were just too full. she would have a remote machine and on days that were too busy, she would stuff brown envelopes with menus. then she would sit down and read and her white house diary and we will be, that is only will you are -- we are waiting for the rest to come out. a you are as i -- she said she gathered herself. >> we will see some of the video all the crew and -- you are >> she's a very astute observer. wonderful. one writer. him -- you writes intentionally. are -- --trying to give on the show he is trying to tell you what was happening, but not in some way so sensationalize. in m
currency that allows people to exchange real goods and services without using real money. and later, testimony about finances in the homeland security department. >>> a beautification to my mind is far more than a matter of cosmetics. to me it describes the whole effort to bring the natural world and the manmade world into harmony, to bring ardor, usefulness, delight to our whole environment. and that of course only begins with trees and flowers and landscaping. >> that's from the film created by the johnson administration, with lady bird johnson talking about beautification, her signature issue as first lady. she was a natural campaigner, successful businesswoman, and a savvy political partner to her husband, our 36th president, lyndon baines johnson. good evening and welcome to c-span's "first ladies: influence and image." tonight we'll tell you the story of claudia taylor johnson, known to everyone as lady bird. the wife of our 36th president. here to tell her story tonight are two guests -- cokie roberts, political commentator for abc news and npr. she's also the author of two b
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3